maura corby sullivan obama pentagon

Show us the receipts, Maura.

“Sullivan said she came up to New Hampshire often, including to knock on doors in support of Shea-Porter’s 2006 run for Congress”

It makes for a great story – college student supports congresswoman’s campaign, only to run for her vacant seat 10 years later.  Thing is, no one has any record of meeting Maura in 2006, during Carol Shea-Porters intimate, grassroots campaign.



“The first opportunity I had to put down roots anywhere, we chose here.”

It’s true, Portsmouth NH has all the charm that white feminism and Target shoppers can ask for. But she didn’t seem to be in a hurry to put down roots while working for PepsiCo in Boston for 5 years. Though we imagine life on the North Shore would not have helped her political career, what with the whole Seth Moulton holding a political lock on that district.



“I was going to work tirelessly to get Carol Shea-Porter re-elected. And not run for her seat.”

Ok, we don’t even know how to defend this one.  If Maura was so committed to Carol, it’s odd she had a political consultant set up her website the same afternoon Carol announced she was stepping down.